And why the Biden Administration is to credit.

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Sustainability is not just a buzzword anymore; it’s a word that should be found on every company’s list of executives. That means alongside the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Financial Officer (and so on and so forth) there should be a Chief Sustainability Officer. Progressive companies already have some version of this role but smart companies will add one soon before regulation all but requires them to do so. For the first time in the history of the United States, a federal administration is signaling that climate change will be a pillar of its policy. …

I turn the heat up when I’m cold and really wish tofu didn’t suck

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2020 was a really confusing year for sustainability. On one hand, the world’s global greenhouse gas emissions were down by 7% as a result of many staying home, not commuting, or traveling. On the other hand, our plastic waste — largely due to personal protective equipment (PPE) and take out containers — skyrocketed, with some accounts estimating we went through a year’s worth of plastic waste in just a two-month span. The enigma of the year’s environmental progress got me thinking how, much like 2020, I’m an imperfect example of sustainability.

I have an MPA in environmental science and public…

Apparently, we’re still shaming women for their choices

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If you’ve ever had to change your name, you know it’s a web of bureaucratic BS. Whether it be for marriage, divorce, gender realignment, adoption, or anything else, you know the process is mighty tedious, confusing, and aggravating beyond belief at worst. With no cohesion or synchrony between the systems and departments one must connect with, those wishing to change their names are often left to give it their best guess and cross their fingers they brought the right paperwork, asked the right questions, filled out the right lines on the form. …

Running a startup food business out of your home is underrated.

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My bake day mornings usually start around 5am when I begin heating up my kitchen oven, cutting and shaping my bagel dough, and taking my boules out of the refrigerator that have been retarding overnight. While the bagels finish proofing and the dutch ovens are warming up, I’ll usually make myself a latte and snack on a banana or frozen bagel of my own. A full breakfast followed by a workout won’t happen until later once the dog is walked and the bread is out the door.

By 8am…

I tend to watch books and read movies.

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Put a movie on and I’ll either rewrite the plotline in my head while I pretend to listen or fall asleep. There’s no in-between. I’m a terrible movie-watcher. Don’t invite me to a movie. But give me a book and I’m transformed into a different world where, no matter the topic, I see the characters playing out in my own life.

But even as an avid reader, and one who has read hundreds of books over the years, I get into major reading ruts. 2020 was one of those ruts. …

Have you ever had a moment where your conscious outsmarts your subconscious and your brain says “pay attention, this is an important memory in your life”?

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We were sitting in a corner of a dim wine bar. Both against the window, looking out at opposite ends of Fillmore Street.

“I can’t help but feel like you’re on the verge of something… huge. Something big is coming, I can just feel it.”

I smiled, took a sip of my wine, and looked out the window simultaneously agreeing and silently wishing I was already “there”. Whatever “there” was and whatever vague journey I’d need to traverse before I got “there”. …

Your passions don’t lie, but your logical brain frequently does.

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When I was 21, getting ready to graduate college, and starting the application process for an entry level job, I got what would become some of the best career advice I’ve ever received. But if you’ve ever been 21 you know already that I obviously didn’t take it.

Figure out what you do… and don’t… want to do everyday, not what you want to be.

Shockingly, this advice came from my father, who, even before Alzheimer’s took hold of his cognition, was never quite able to read the room. So I truly have no idea how he had the wherewithal needed to share this, but that’s part…

My husband and I are both environmentalists, obviously our wedding should have been eco-friendly. It wasn’t.

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Let me start by clarifying two things. First, I am a #coronabride and got married in October 2020. You fill in the gaps there. Second, our wedding, Covid restrictions and all, was amazing and I am so truly pleased with the way it turned out. Ok disclaimers out of the way, let me explain how my husband and I tried our best to host a sustainable wedding and failed. Not miserably so, but still failed.

I had known for months that a proposal was likely coming. It’s hard to have a surprise fairly tale proposal when you’ve been dating for…

Being married to an entrepreneur means, for better or for worse, you’re always the passenger, never the driver.

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As a self proclaimed feminist, a small part of me struggles with a headline calling out not one of my own accomplishments, but that of my husband. But… as a self proclaimed feminist, I know you need more than eight words to tell history.

Today isn’t the day to tell that whole history, but one day soon it will be. Today is the day to reflect on some ideas I’ve developed from my time in the small business world as an entrepreneur’s partner. …

Emily Pierce

Sustainability career professional, married to a small business owner. Trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

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